The momma look

It’s as rare and sought after as big foot. Now, what exactly is the momma look, you may ask. Well, its this lil look that I swear Ellabelle saves and gives only to me. I have yet to capture it on camera. It last but a second so it may be forever captured only in my memory. But this look, it makes my heart swell.

I feel so blessed to be her momma. She’s becoming such an amazing little person. She has big personality for such a tiny lil body. She’s chunky to us but she’s still a lil shrimp. She’s determined and stubborn to the core. She wants what she wants when she wants it. Josh calls her lil Amy, and she very much is. I can forsee us butting heads quite a bit in the future. That’s ok though.

She’s sweet and curious and her little laugh is infectious. She loves to eat her socks and pulls the dogs hair. She twists her daddy’s ears and scratches my nose whenever she can. She loves to eat hats and steals sunglasses. She is comfortable around everyone and loves being held. She brings joy to everyone and is just a big ball of love.

But her momma smiles. Those, man, those are just for me. And those are my favorite.


The closest I’ve gotten to capturing the momma look.


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