First Day of Work

My first night of work with Department of Treasury (that’s fancy speak for the IRS) was as to be expected: stressful to begin with, boring and mindnumbing in the middle, and filled with longing thoughts for my pillow by the end.

I left for work 2 hours and 45 minutes early. I have to meet Josh on Cutter St downtown at 3:30 to do the Ellabelle exchange (EBX). Well, today, of all days, there was accident at Mitchell Ave blocking the right two lanes. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t for the construction going on there. It’s hard to explain, so I drew you a picture.


Anyways, the universe knew it was my first day of work, I know it did. These things never happen when I’m on time and have no specific time I have to be somewhere. The accident involved at least a corvette, a SUV, and a semi. I didn’t know this when a whole 5 miles back traffic stopped moving, and I don’t mean a crawl on highway. I mean, STOPPED. Like I put my car in park. It took all my mental faculties not to go into full panic mode. Ellabelle was in the car with me though. So I remained semicalm. 50 minutes and 5 miles later, I was back in the fastlane.

Josh jumped out of his car once I finally made it to him, grabbed the baby, and after a quick kiss to them both, I was gone. I didn’t even look back in my rearview mirror to see them one last time before turning. That is all proof you need that I was freaking out (on the inside). I got across the river in no time with no probs.

The guard wouldn’t let me park in the garage cause I didn’t have a badge so I had to go down to the Kenton County garage. Luckily, they let us move our cars once we got our badges so we didn’t have to walk two blocks at 1am. And speaking of badges, they gave us our badges but not our keycards. So we had no way to get in the building once we were in the garage. Administrative hiccups, I tell you what.

Anyways, training for one company is just like every other. They are all long and boring. The governments just includes a lot of statutes not usually seen at other places. I got to help tuck Ellabelle in during my lunch break which makes my heart happy. I missed her terribly but not as bad as I anticipated. When I worked at Meijer leaving her was gut wrenching. Now, its not so tough. Maybe I’ve finally grown my wings and am willing to leave the nest. It’s backwards cause she’s the baby bird but still. I do still worry about her forgetting me or loving me less since I’m gone. That’s just the way mommyhood is though. I know that will never change.

By 12:30, I was out of it, thinking lovely thoughts of my pillow. I was ready to write a sonnet about my love for its lovely fluffiness, but luckily 1am came. I got home, checked on my baby, and got greeted by the cats. Maisy eventually showed up and peed on me. I’m glad she missed me.

All in all, my first day of real work after 9 months of being off wasn’t all that bad. Ask me in two weeks how I feel and it might be a very different answer.



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