Naptime Hell

Naptime has been a new type of hell around here lately. Not because Ellabelle won’t nap. No. If there’s one thing this girl is good at, it’s sleeping. She’d win a gold medal in the baby olympics. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier in the baby sleeping department – 12 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep, then two or three 2-3 hours naps during course of the day. We hit the sleep jackpot with this kid.

No, naptime is hell because someone keeps contorting herself in her sleep and then waking up screaming bloody murder cause she’s stuck. It’s terrifying as a mom to hear those bloodcurdling screams. Originally, she was just scratching herself real bad in her sleep and was unhappy about the scabs the next day, but now, she’s just gotten ridiculous.

Exhibit A: IMAG0767

She got her little ham of a thigh wedged so far into the bars that I had to literally twist and pryer her leg out. (Note: this picture was taken before this happened and I moved her back into the crib. She just ended up in this same position after I left, but with her leg even further out of the crib). She had a huge welt that, thankfully, went away. She was not happy about it though.

Exhibit B: DSCN7503

Ok, this looks innocent. Now, imagine that little foot on the bottom that you can’t see, tucked up under her belly, dug down into the mattress with a pinky toe bent the wrong way. She slept like that for at least 2 hours. I didn’t notice the toe when I checked on her, but she sure noticed it when she woke up screaming.

I held her and rocked her and was terrified to look down at that little foot. I checked because I had to make sure she was okay, but I had to force myself to look. I have a weird thing about bones. They make me get all lightheaded and pass out when I think about them. But, I’m a mommy, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Luckily, she was fine. Just a big red spot on her lil foot. IMAG0877She may have had two toes bent back. I’m not sure. And don’t mind the chipped nail polish. I finally have an excuse for not keeping up on them. Just another reason being a mommy totally rock.

So, today, she got the holy grail of naps – the big bed. She loves sleeping with me in our bed. She always gets a toy and company from at least the dog, if not me and a cat or two. She was safely wedged between my pregnancy boppy, and there was no contorting during her nap today.


We’ve decided we’re going to have to get her a bumper for her crib. We’ve been against them since they can potentially suffocate your kid, but she can hold her head up and we need to avoid other injuries. We’re going to get her a mesh one so she can breathe if she presses her face up against it while she sleeps (which I’m sure she will cause she’s Ellabelle.)

Hopefully, there won’t be anymore accidents or injuries in her crib. She’s got me wanting to check on her every 5 minutes now to make sure she’s ok. As if being an anxious mommy wasn’t hard enough. Girl sure likes to keep us on our toes.



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