A 5 minute post

I’be been watching How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning (again) and Ted said something to day that hit home. He was yelling at Lily about how “not everyone meets their soulmate when their 18 in a dorm hallway.” And that was me. I dont believe in soulmates, but still. I was 19 when I met the person I plan on spending the rest of my life with and I met him in a residence hall. It’s weird to think that if he lives to be 80 and, based on the laws of probability, dies first, I’ll have been with Josh for 55 years. That’s crazy. It also makes me sad that I’ll only get 55 years with him. That’s not much in the grand scheme of time. Either way, I’m quite happy that we stumbled upon each other. People may think I was young but it just meant I didn’t have to waste time looking for him.

Wheels and eggs

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. Yes, that’s three and it’s not an exaggeration. I’m still getting used to the hours of my new job so I’ve been very tired lately. Saturday morning, I did something crazy and worked overtime. So much for the long anticipated sleeping in. However, it was easy money that I couldn’t pass up. Saturday evening was the first Cincinnati Rollergirls game of the year. I was so excited to take EB. I, of course, made her an outfit to wear. People kept stopping to tell us how cute she was and take pictures. Even Josh’s favorite skater, K. Lethal, came over to snap a few shots. My girl was a hit. 891851_10100226880876210_260076276_omy lil rollergirlDSCN7716with Wooly Bully DSCN7719with K. Lethal DSCN7724cheering!  PS: CRG annihilated the other team! 

Then, Sunday was Fake Easter with the Fulmers. My mom’s side of the family can never seem to get together on Easter so we have had “fake” Easter for quite a few years now. EB was all dressed up because her momma is a holiday decorating freak. It’s ok. I like to fly the holiday freak flag. She had a bonnet that she looked AHdorable in DSCN7730and that bonnet got passed around and worn by many throughout the day: DSCN7753DSCN7770DSCN7774Best $1 spent at Target ever

She had her first easter egg “hunt” aka it was too cold to hide and hunt eggs so everyone took turns picking eggs out of a box. EB cleaned up with over $6 in egg money! Plus, she got $5 in her Easter candy from Great Grandma. Her piggy bank is feeling fuller these days. DSCN7764And besides her first egg, she also had her first piece of candy. Enter the blue peep:DSCN7744It was certainly a strange Easter with snow falling outside, but EB was very happy cause she loves to be cold!DSCN7766All in all, it was a good day and a very busy weekend. I was sick today with a stomach bug of some sort. Maisy threw up too and so did Ellabelle but we don’t think EB’s had anything to do with my tummy problems. Hopefully, we all start feeling better soon. With 4 more work days and another packed weekend filled with 2 more Easters, sleeping in on Saturday April the 5th is looking mighty fine indeed.

Everyone have a happy “real” Easter this weekend! DSCN7806

The momma look

It’s as rare and sought after as big foot. Now, what exactly is the momma look, you may ask. Well, its this lil look that I swear Ellabelle saves and gives only to me. I have yet to capture it on camera. It last but a second so it may be forever captured only in my memory. But this look, it makes my heart swell.

I feel so blessed to be her momma. She’s becoming such an amazing little person. She has big personality for such a tiny lil body. She’s chunky to us but she’s still a lil shrimp. She’s determined and stubborn to the core. She wants what she wants when she wants it. Josh calls her lil Amy, and she very much is. I can forsee us butting heads quite a bit in the future. That’s ok though.

She’s sweet and curious and her little laugh is infectious. She loves to eat her socks and pulls the dogs hair. She twists her daddy’s ears and scratches my nose whenever she can. She loves to eat hats and steals sunglasses. She is comfortable around everyone and loves being held. She brings joy to everyone and is just a big ball of love.

But her momma smiles. Those, man, those are just for me. And those are my favorite.


The closest I’ve gotten to capturing the momma look.


The month of March is said to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. It refers to wind and weather usually, but it can definitely be applied to our lives this month. There was no lamb though. Our month has been all lion – roaring and fast and exciting. That’s not a bad thing either. It’s strange for us. It’s different, but it’s good.

The beginning of the month has been filled with questions about jobs with the roar of uncertainty. Will they sell Josh’s department? Will I get this job? Josh’s job is still up in the air. Who knows when we’ll get an official answer. On the 6th, I got the go ahead for my job! Roar. So, on the 11th, I started my job which means another paycheck on the way! This meant that we started our new schedule. Ellabelle took a little adjusting to having mommy in the morning and just daddy in the evening. Maisy is still mad about me leaving her every day though. I’m excited to have a job that I’m actually kinda enjoying. There’s lots of work to keep me busy which is what I love. So I’m exhausted and I miss seeing Josh, but I get time with my EB, we’re saving money on daycare, and I’m happy. Roar.


St Patrick’s Day was this weekend. DSCN7680

We rocked the green and the beads. Ellabelle was all about the beads. Girl loves beads. She was so happy to have clinky, shiny things to pull on and put in her mouth and play with. DSCN7690

We went to the C&D monthly brunch. DSCN7676Then we went to Rooties which was not officially part of the Cheviot pub crawl, but was right there. So EB hit two bars for her 1st St. Paddy’s Day. It was cool being at Rooties since it was were my parents met (it was called PJs back then). DSCN7691

We had a quiet evening at home after that which was a perfect way to end the weekend. Quiet can be good. It’s its own kind of roar. So, roar.


There’s a lot to look forward to for the rest of the month. We’ve got EBs first Cincinnati Rollergirls games. (There’s some sheep for the month!) 543937_10100205909702610_891440928_n

 Then Sunday it’s fake easter with Fulmers. 733746_10100208846701840_1999183604_n

The following weekend is actual Easter. So, excited for EBs 1st visit from the easter bunny! Roar. Roar. And Roar. IMAG0822

 March is kickass this year. Roar. 22474_576390272620_6085959_n

First Day of Work

My first night of work with Department of Treasury (that’s fancy speak for the IRS) was as to be expected: stressful to begin with, boring and mindnumbing in the middle, and filled with longing thoughts for my pillow by the end.

I left for work 2 hours and 45 minutes early. I have to meet Josh on Cutter St downtown at 3:30 to do the Ellabelle exchange (EBX). Well, today, of all days, there was accident at Mitchell Ave blocking the right two lanes. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t for the construction going on there. It’s hard to explain, so I drew you a picture.


Anyways, the universe knew it was my first day of work, I know it did. These things never happen when I’m on time and have no specific time I have to be somewhere. The accident involved at least a corvette, a SUV, and a semi. I didn’t know this when a whole 5 miles back traffic stopped moving, and I don’t mean a crawl on highway. I mean, STOPPED. Like I put my car in park. It took all my mental faculties not to go into full panic mode. Ellabelle was in the car with me though. So I remained semicalm. 50 minutes and 5 miles later, I was back in the fastlane.

Josh jumped out of his car once I finally made it to him, grabbed the baby, and after a quick kiss to them both, I was gone. I didn’t even look back in my rearview mirror to see them one last time before turning. That is all proof you need that I was freaking out (on the inside). I got across the river in no time with no probs.

The guard wouldn’t let me park in the garage cause I didn’t have a badge so I had to go down to the Kenton County garage. Luckily, they let us move our cars once we got our badges so we didn’t have to walk two blocks at 1am. And speaking of badges, they gave us our badges but not our keycards. So we had no way to get in the building once we were in the garage. Administrative hiccups, I tell you what.

Anyways, training for one company is just like every other. They are all long and boring. The governments just includes a lot of statutes not usually seen at other places. I got to help tuck Ellabelle in during my lunch break which makes my heart happy. I missed her terribly but not as bad as I anticipated. When I worked at Meijer leaving her was gut wrenching. Now, its not so tough. Maybe I’ve finally grown my wings and am willing to leave the nest. It’s backwards cause she’s the baby bird but still. I do still worry about her forgetting me or loving me less since I’m gone. That’s just the way mommyhood is though. I know that will never change.

By 12:30, I was out of it, thinking lovely thoughts of my pillow. I was ready to write a sonnet about my love for its lovely fluffiness, but luckily 1am came. I got home, checked on my baby, and got greeted by the cats. Maisy eventually showed up and peed on me. I’m glad she missed me.

All in all, my first day of real work after 9 months of being off wasn’t all that bad. Ask me in two weeks how I feel and it might be a very different answer.


Naptime Hell

Naptime has been a new type of hell around here lately. Not because Ellabelle won’t nap. No. If there’s one thing this girl is good at, it’s sleeping. She’d win a gold medal in the baby olympics. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier in the baby sleeping department – 12 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep, then two or three 2-3 hours naps during course of the day. We hit the sleep jackpot with this kid.

No, naptime is hell because someone keeps contorting herself in her sleep and then waking up screaming bloody murder cause she’s stuck. It’s terrifying as a mom to hear those bloodcurdling screams. Originally, she was just scratching herself real bad in her sleep and was unhappy about the scabs the next day, but now, she’s just gotten ridiculous.

Exhibit A: IMAG0767

She got her little ham of a thigh wedged so far into the bars that I had to literally twist and pryer her leg out. (Note: this picture was taken before this happened and I moved her back into the crib. She just ended up in this same position after I left, but with her leg even further out of the crib). She had a huge welt that, thankfully, went away. She was not happy about it though.

Exhibit B: DSCN7503

Ok, this looks innocent. Now, imagine that little foot on the bottom that you can’t see, tucked up under her belly, dug down into the mattress with a pinky toe bent the wrong way. She slept like that for at least 2 hours. I didn’t notice the toe when I checked on her, but she sure noticed it when she woke up screaming.

I held her and rocked her and was terrified to look down at that little foot. I checked because I had to make sure she was okay, but I had to force myself to look. I have a weird thing about bones. They make me get all lightheaded and pass out when I think about them. But, I’m a mommy, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Luckily, she was fine. Just a big red spot on her lil foot. IMAG0877She may have had two toes bent back. I’m not sure. And don’t mind the chipped nail polish. I finally have an excuse for not keeping up on them. Just another reason being a mommy totally rock.

So, today, she got the holy grail of naps – the big bed. She loves sleeping with me in our bed. She always gets a toy and company from at least the dog, if not me and a cat or two. She was safely wedged between my pregnancy boppy, and there was no contorting during her nap today.


We’ve decided we’re going to have to get her a bumper for her crib. We’ve been against them since they can potentially suffocate your kid, but she can hold her head up and we need to avoid other injuries. We’re going to get her a mesh one so she can breathe if she presses her face up against it while she sleeps (which I’m sure she will cause she’s Ellabelle.)

Hopefully, there won’t be anymore accidents or injuries in her crib. She’s got me wanting to check on her every 5 minutes now to make sure she’s ok. As if being an anxious mommy wasn’t hard enough. Girl sure likes to keep us on our toes.


Fresh Start

Sunday night…

The last night of the weekend.
The first night of the week.

It’s a bit of a conundrum. Beginning and end. It’s always a sad day because it means relaxation comes to an end. Granted, right now my job is taking care of the baby so the work never really ends, but at least on the weekend I can shrug some of it off on the hubby. So, for me, it means the prospect of 5 days of making all the bottles, changing all the diapers, handling all the cries and screeches. It means no Josh around until 5pm which sucks. I like having him around. It’s nice to have someone to talk to (or be ignored by) besides the dog, the baby, and the cats.

This Sunday I’m starting fresh. I say that a lot, but I really mean it. I’ve got some things I want to change in my life, and this is the week to do it. Hopefully, next week will involve a huge change in our lives around the Hawkins house. So, I need to make these changes now in order to be ready for that. And, even if that changes doesn’t happen, I want to start these things anyways.

This week I plan to:

  • implement a before bed checklist
  • cook every single night
  • finally put all the clothes away
  • get the living room back in order
  • get Ellabelle’s room back in order
  • revisit my budget

Baby steps, people. Here’s to a new week. Being on monday!