A new pin for my cap

When you go to Disney World, they have these pins. They have pins for parks and rides and characters, and they are not cheap. Still, people collect them and trade them and they are as big a part of the park as the autographs from the characters. They stick them on their hats and lanyards and proudly display them.

Well, yesterday I earned a new pin for my mommy cap. I’ve got a nice collection going:

The new mommy pin

The being peed on pin

The being vomited on pin

The being pooped on pin

The first time away from baby pin

AND now the sick kid at the doctor’s pin. I can’t say I’m all too excited about this new pin, but it had to happen eventually. I’m just thankful that all it was was a rash. Granted, she was miserable and scratching it and crying on Sunday. It was so bad we had to give her a dose of ibuprofen to calm her down. So, we went to the doctor’s office and met probably the oldest man I’ve ever met in my life. I’d venture to guess he fought in the Revolutionary War. He isn’t her normal doctor, but he was really nice. He did seem to have a problem with my girl wearing a blue bow. He said girls wear pink bows. IMAG0763

the blue bow in question


After examining her, he said he’d never really seen a rash like this. Usually this type of rash comes with a fever and vomiting which Ellabelle does not have (thankfully). It’s not eczema or an allergy which is good as well. They checked her for strep just be safe as. Luckily, that came back negative. He thinks the rash is caused by the acid in her saliva which she is making a lot of because she’s teething. IMAG0760

hi! from the doctor’s officeIMAG0761

So, we just have to put A&D on it for now and if that doesn’t take care of it in 2-3 days we have a prescription for hydrocortisone cream to go get. If she gets any of those other awful symptoms or gets worse looking, we have to go back and see him.

All in all, Ellabelle has been happier and hasn’t scratch it or cried which is an much appreciated improvement.

As for my pins, I’m glad I got this one out of the way with something minor. I know I’ll still be a wreck when I have a sick-with-a-cold baby, but at least that can wait. IMG_20130225_114439

we love crinkle paper


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