Dreary Sunday for Amy

I feel down today. I hate days like this especially when I have no idea why I feel so blue. And then Josh is all, “What’s wrong? Why are you down?” and I can’t give him an answer and then he gets frustrated which, in turn, frustrates me. It’s a deadly cycle.

I think maybe I’m down because I’m back in the house. We were out running a few quick errands, and I was out in the sunshine. The sunshine isn’t welcomed inside this house apparently. With the carport on one side and the shrubs on the other, there’s not much space for the beams to shine in. If we opened up the house, maybe it’d feel less coffin-esque today. It’s gloomy in here. I want sunshine and breezes, but it’s only 39 degrees out and it’s a cold 39. I want spring to get here so I can take my baby for walks and to the park.

The only upside to the cold is baby tights. I love baby tights – bright colorful baby tights. Oh, and naps. Naps are nice on a cold, dreary day, even if it is only dreary in the house.

I’m also blue because I miss my dog because she got in trouble for pooping in the baby’s room. She’s not going to be coming out from under the bed for awhile. In all fairness, she did poop on the rug I bought, the second one since she destroyed the first one. I still miss her though. I wanna snuggle my Moo. I have a chirpy Bean though so I guess I’ll take what I can get. Maybe I’ll feel better after my nap.


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