Days like these

It’s days like these past few that remind me of why I love my life. I can’t help but wonder how people can go through life without ever wanting/having kids. To each their own and I’m not passing judgement on people who dont have kids. Hell, I applaude those who know they aren’t suited to be parents for not giving into the traditional conventions of society and birthing children they don’t really want.

But, for me, I’m so glad I have my kid. She’s been so much fun lately. She is going through so many changes and every discovery she makes it seems like I get to make them with her. She’s rolling everywhere. She hasn’t crawled at all. I mean, she hardly hikes that butt of hers in the air, but, girl, she can roll like a stone (get it? Rolling stone. Haha). She puts everything in her mouth. She finds things to eat we didn’t even know we had. I think she has magical powers. Too bad that power is to make plastic bags magically appear and not the ability to make money or super strength or something useful. This past weekend was a weekend of firsts: Ellabelle’s 1st fish fry, her first time riding in her big girl carseat, Josh’s 1st visit to ballet, and Ellabelle’s first trip to Skincraft. We went to the first fish fry of the season at Little Flower. The food was as to be expected: ahmazing. Love me some fried fish and mac n cheese. Ellabelle wore her fish dress I made her.

IMAG0504-1Mommy made, Ellabelle approvedIMAG0661Hi, there! I heard they had fish here.

She ate rye bread and spit out some noodles.

breadEBGirl can be pretty gross sometimes.

She also discovered her love of the iPad. Lisa let her play with her cat app, and Ellabelle loved it. She chased a bouncing blue ball around the screen. She’s always trying to steal our phones so she was quite happy we actually let her play with this giant version. ipadEB

My poor baby didn’t nap at all that day though. So, she did what momma loves best – she passed out in my arms. It’s so rare that I get to hold my sleepy baby since she’s so independent and wants to see and know everything that’s going on. So, I took it in and lingered inside a few minutes longer than we would have so I could enjoy it before waking her up to put her in the car. 382261_602473776445820_1635597451_n

We finally switched out her Graco infant carrier and base with the big girl carseat she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. She has no qualms with it (in fact, I think she’s happier in it because she sits up higher and can see more) except she hates being woken up when it’s time to get out of the car. She’s also much happier in her stroller facing forward rather than being up and facing me in the carrier. IMAG0683

Josh took me to see Romeo and Juliet on Saturday for Valentine’s Day. We ate at Kabuto and then headed downtown to the Aronoff to watch the ballet. I loved it. Shakespeare and ballet – two of Amy’s favorite things! Josh was bored out of his mind though! He was happy during the third act though because he realized that you could buy beer to drink during the show. It was a nice change of pace to be out just the two of us. It was also fun to get to dress up for the evening! IMG_20130216_194716

Sunday, after spending the night at my parents, we stopped in to the C&D’s brunch, and we ended up at Skincraft to get tattoos. Josh got a skull and heart on his arm. His description of the tattoo: “I would be dead without you. That’s basically what it means.”IMG_20130218_133138

My tattoo is on my right foot. It’s two hearts connected that spiral into another heart representing our lil family. I’ll have room to add another heart in the future if and when we have another kid. IMG_20130218_145951

Ellabelle was not impressed by the tattoo parlor. She got restless at the end of Josh’s session. Luckily, he was almost done. IMAG0696

Monday, Josh was off for President’s Day. We didn’t do much around the house, but it was nice to have him around. He’s got a viral infection so he was home yesterday and today as well. He’s always saying he feels like he just rents a room here so it was nice to get him home for so many days. I just wish he wasn’t sick for part of it.

He went to the little clinic at Kroger today, and, while he was waiting, I took Ellabelle down to Jack’s. She seemed to really like the bunnies. While there, I had to put my hair up. I’ve had in a loose ponytail since I straightened for a work thing this morning, but Ellabelle kept pulling it out. So, I had to put in a tight one, but, in order to do that, I had to use both hands. So, Miss Ellabelle had to be put down. IMAG0709

She was fine (she was just making a face in the pic, I promise!) and comfortable in the bin of loofa dogs, and she couldn’t roll away. It definitely wasn’t my finest mothering moment, but my hair was not going to make it back to Kroger with the way she’s been pulling it lately. I scooped her back up real quick and all was well. She hardly noticed me put her down.

I spent the last 20 minutes here with Ellabelle on my lap as we watched Yo Gabba Gabba together. I love being able to try and see that show through her amazed eyes. I finally put her down so I could finish writing this, but I have a real hankering for pink dazzleberry lemonade now! Tonight, it’s a quiet night around here as Josh prepares to go back to work. I’m not planning on cooking and just watching Ellabelle giggle at the ceiling until it’s bath and bedtime. Then I get to snuggle my Maisy and my Joshie.

Yes, I love my lil family and days like these. IMAG0689


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