superbowl prediction

So, it’s superbowl sunday. It’s a sad day for me – football season is over 😦 424842_496299307083429_1966163849_n

I hate baseball. It’s boring. Nobody hits anybody. I don’t want football to end. However, it is inevitable. So, I make my prediction:

The 49ers = winners

However, I am rooting for the Ravens. Some (like Josh) think it’s blasphemous to root for a fellow AFC North team, but that’s one of the reasons why I’m rooting for them.

1) If another AFC North team wins it improves the standing of the division in the eyes of football fans. It gives the Bengals a lil (not much but still) more credit if we beat the defending superbowl champs next season. urlurl-1

2) The 49ers and the Bengals have a deep history. Mainly, one that is rooted in them beating us twice in our appearances in the superbowl.  I cannot root for the 49ers because of that. url-2url-3

3) I like the Ravens colors better. Purple is pretty. (I’m a girl. These things matter to me.)


4) The Ravens are named after a poem. That appeals to the english major side of me. quoth_the_raven22wdetail

Sure, I hate Ray Lewis and kinda hope he loses because I don’t want to see him retire on a win, but I’m going to still root for them.


So, 49ers take it, but I’ll be sporting purple.



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