bathtime funtime

Bathtime is one of  my favorite times to spend with Ellabelle, mostly because she loves it so much. She has recently realized that she can splash and play in the water. She experiments and tries to eat the bubbles. She loves when you pour water on her, and she tries to catch it. She discovered her bath books tonight. Everything goes into her mouth so, of course, she loved the squishy waterproof books. Mommy likes them because, unlike the bubbles, eating them won’t upset her stomach.

DSCN7182DSCN7183DSCN7185yum yum

I love that she’s already a little water baby. It makes me so much more excited about summer and taking her to the pool. I also love her giggling for some unknown reason every time I dry her off and then slipping her into some fresh, warm jammies. Oh, baby footie jammies, be still my uterus. Oh and those blue eyes of hers…



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