A new pin for my cap

When you go to Disney World, they have these pins. They have pins for parks and rides and characters, and they are not cheap. Still, people collect them and trade them and they are as big a part of the park as the autographs from the characters. They stick them on their hats and lanyards and proudly display them.

Well, yesterday I earned a new pin for my mommy cap. I’ve got a nice collection going:

The new mommy pin

The being peed on pin

The being vomited on pin

The being pooped on pin

The first time away from baby pin

AND now the sick kid at the doctor’s pin. I can’t say I’m all too excited about this new pin, but it had to happen eventually. I’m just thankful that all it was was a rash. Granted, she was miserable and scratching it and crying on Sunday. It was so bad we had to give her a dose of ibuprofen to calm her down. So, we went to the doctor’s office and met probably the oldest man I’ve ever met in my life. I’d venture to guess he fought in the Revolutionary War. He isn’t her normal doctor, but he was really nice. He did seem to have a problem with my girl wearing a blue bow. He said girls wear pink bows. IMAG0763

the blue bow in question


After examining her, he said he’d never really seen a rash like this. Usually this type of rash comes with a fever and vomiting which Ellabelle does not have (thankfully). It’s not eczema or an allergy which is good as well. They checked her for strep just be safe as. Luckily, that came back negative. He thinks the rash is caused by the acid in her saliva which she is making a lot of because she’s teething. IMAG0760

hi! from the doctor’s officeIMAG0761

So, we just have to put A&D on it for now and if that doesn’t take care of it in 2-3 days we have a prescription for hydrocortisone cream to go get. If she gets any of those other awful symptoms or gets worse looking, we have to go back and see him.

All in all, Ellabelle has been happier and hasn’t scratch it or cried which is an much appreciated improvement.

As for my pins, I’m glad I got this one out of the way with something minor. I know I’ll still be a wreck when I have a sick-with-a-cold baby, but at least that can wait. IMG_20130225_114439

we love crinkle paper

Ellabelle wants her own blog

She can’t hold a bottle yet, but she still managed to click open my word doc, type, and save it over my own work before I caught her. She’s impressively technologically savvy. Now for your reading enjoyment:


.             ` “            `


.                            8i I





Dreary Sunday for Amy

I feel down today. I hate days like this especially when I have no idea why I feel so blue. And then Josh is all, “What’s wrong? Why are you down?” and I can’t give him an answer and then he gets frustrated which, in turn, frustrates me. It’s a deadly cycle.

I think maybe I’m down because I’m back in the house. We were out running a few quick errands, and I was out in the sunshine. The sunshine isn’t welcomed inside this house apparently. With the carport on one side and the shrubs on the other, there’s not much space for the beams to shine in. If we opened up the house, maybe it’d feel less coffin-esque today. It’s gloomy in here. I want sunshine and breezes, but it’s only 39 degrees out and it’s a cold 39. I want spring to get here so I can take my baby for walks and to the park.

The only upside to the cold is baby tights. I love baby tights – bright colorful baby tights. Oh, and naps. Naps are nice on a cold, dreary day, even if it is only dreary in the house.

I’m also blue because I miss my dog because she got in trouble for pooping in the baby’s room. She’s not going to be coming out from under the bed for awhile. In all fairness, she did poop on the rug I bought, the second one since she destroyed the first one. I still miss her though. I wanna snuggle my Moo. I have a chirpy Bean though so I guess I’ll take what I can get. Maybe I’ll feel better after my nap.

Days like these

It’s days like these past few that remind me of why I love my life. I can’t help but wonder how people can go through life without ever wanting/having kids. To each their own and I’m not passing judgement on people who dont have kids. Hell, I applaude those who know they aren’t suited to be parents for not giving into the traditional conventions of society and birthing children they don’t really want.

But, for me, I’m so glad I have my kid. She’s been so much fun lately. She is going through so many changes and every discovery she makes it seems like I get to make them with her. She’s rolling everywhere. She hasn’t crawled at all. I mean, she hardly hikes that butt of hers in the air, but, girl, she can roll like a stone (get it? Rolling stone. Haha). She puts everything in her mouth. She finds things to eat we didn’t even know we had. I think she has magical powers. Too bad that power is to make plastic bags magically appear and not the ability to make money or super strength or something useful. This past weekend was a weekend of firsts: Ellabelle’s 1st fish fry, her first time riding in her big girl carseat, Josh’s 1st visit to ballet, and Ellabelle’s first trip to Skincraft. We went to the first fish fry of the season at Little Flower. The food was as to be expected: ahmazing. Love me some fried fish and mac n cheese. Ellabelle wore her fish dress I made her.

IMAG0504-1Mommy made, Ellabelle approvedIMAG0661Hi, there! I heard they had fish here.

She ate rye bread and spit out some noodles.

breadEBGirl can be pretty gross sometimes.

She also discovered her love of the iPad. Lisa let her play with her cat app, and Ellabelle loved it. She chased a bouncing blue ball around the screen. She’s always trying to steal our phones so she was quite happy we actually let her play with this giant version. ipadEB

My poor baby didn’t nap at all that day though. So, she did what momma loves best – she passed out in my arms. It’s so rare that I get to hold my sleepy baby since she’s so independent and wants to see and know everything that’s going on. So, I took it in and lingered inside a few minutes longer than we would have so I could enjoy it before waking her up to put her in the car. 382261_602473776445820_1635597451_n

We finally switched out her Graco infant carrier and base with the big girl carseat she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. She has no qualms with it (in fact, I think she’s happier in it because she sits up higher and can see more) except she hates being woken up when it’s time to get out of the car. She’s also much happier in her stroller facing forward rather than being up and facing me in the carrier. IMAG0683

Josh took me to see Romeo and Juliet on Saturday for Valentine’s Day. We ate at Kabuto and then headed downtown to the Aronoff to watch the ballet. I loved it. Shakespeare and ballet – two of Amy’s favorite things! Josh was bored out of his mind though! He was happy during the third act though because he realized that you could buy beer to drink during the show. It was a nice change of pace to be out just the two of us. It was also fun to get to dress up for the evening! IMG_20130216_194716

Sunday, after spending the night at my parents, we stopped in to the C&D’s brunch, and we ended up at Skincraft to get tattoos. Josh got a skull and heart on his arm. His description of the tattoo: “I would be dead without you. That’s basically what it means.”IMG_20130218_133138

My tattoo is on my right foot. It’s two hearts connected that spiral into another heart representing our lil family. I’ll have room to add another heart in the future if and when we have another kid. IMG_20130218_145951

Ellabelle was not impressed by the tattoo parlor. She got restless at the end of Josh’s session. Luckily, he was almost done. IMAG0696

Monday, Josh was off for President’s Day. We didn’t do much around the house, but it was nice to have him around. He’s got a viral infection so he was home yesterday and today as well. He’s always saying he feels like he just rents a room here so it was nice to get him home for so many days. I just wish he wasn’t sick for part of it.

He went to the little clinic at Kroger today, and, while he was waiting, I took Ellabelle down to Jack’s. She seemed to really like the bunnies. While there, I had to put my hair up. I’ve had in a loose ponytail since I straightened for a work thing this morning, but Ellabelle kept pulling it out. So, I had to put in a tight one, but, in order to do that, I had to use both hands. So, Miss Ellabelle had to be put down. IMAG0709

She was fine (she was just making a face in the pic, I promise!) and comfortable in the bin of loofa dogs, and she couldn’t roll away. It definitely wasn’t my finest mothering moment, but my hair was not going to make it back to Kroger with the way she’s been pulling it lately. I scooped her back up real quick and all was well. She hardly noticed me put her down.

I spent the last 20 minutes here with Ellabelle on my lap as we watched Yo Gabba Gabba together. I love being able to try and see that show through her amazed eyes. I finally put her down so I could finish writing this, but I have a real hankering for pink dazzleberry lemonade now! Tonight, it’s a quiet night around here as Josh prepares to go back to work. I’m not planning on cooking and just watching Ellabelle giggle at the ceiling until it’s bath and bedtime. Then I get to snuggle my Maisy and my Joshie.

Yes, I love my lil family and days like these. IMAG0689

mommy ramblings

The noise on the monitor – its awful sometimes. Especially when you’re fast asleep. There’s scratching and sucking and whining and crying and that dang vent that clicks constantly (I don’t know how she sleeps in there!)

FSCN7156this sleepy baby has no problem sleeping with the vent apparently

I found a news story today about a lil boy who died of SIDS. At 6 months, your chance of SIDS goes down significantly. By a year, the chances are practically nada. So, once Ellabelle reached the six month point, I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. So, behold my inner fear when I read that this lil boy was 7.5 months. ::gasp:: Seriously, my brain did a backwards flip.

I know, I know, that was someone else’s kid. But no one ever thinks its going to be their kid. And he just stopped breathing for no good reason. Ellabelle sleeps like a maniac in that crib of hers. I laugh when I get her up in the morning, but seriously. This shh is real. And here I was thinking I could breathe a lil easier cause she reached 6 months.

And then it dawned on me. The ground shaking, the moon just fell from the sky and crushed me realization that this is just the beginning. If you get past the SIDS age, then she’s walking and putting things in her mouth and nose and ears (I jammed peas up my nose at preschool right before naptime once and spent the whole nap trying to get them out.) Then, she’s off to school where she can get bullied or run over or abducted or (and its totally heartbreaking and ridiculous that I have to say this) shot while in class. Then she’s a preteen at the mall and then theres high school and she’ll be driving, and, so on top of the normal fears of a daughter like teenage pregnancy and boys and drugs and alcohol, she’ll be driving a metal coffin around probably while texting. And don’t even get me started on college….

Annnnndddddd . . . . b r e a t h e .

It’s a wonder anyone’s ever decided to procreate. It’s exhausting and scary. And she’s still just sleeping in her crib, safe from any outside harm. So SIDS aside, this is probably the safest I can ever make her. And that fact is scary and terrifying and life. I’m a worrier anyways. This kid is gonna be the death of me. Let’s count the new grays. There’s a bunch.


So, why did I start with the monitor? What did it have to do with this rant? Well, as much as it irritates me, its a sign of her life. I have a healthy, loud baby on the other end. And I am grateful for that. I remind myself that the noises are a good thing when I can hardly open my eyelids and someone’s crying for breakfast. 

superbowl prediction

So, it’s superbowl sunday. It’s a sad day for me – football season is over 😦 424842_496299307083429_1966163849_n

I hate baseball. It’s boring. Nobody hits anybody. I don’t want football to end. However, it is inevitable. So, I make my prediction:

The 49ers = winners

However, I am rooting for the Ravens. Some (like Josh) think it’s blasphemous to root for a fellow AFC North team, but that’s one of the reasons why I’m rooting for them.

1) If another AFC North team wins it improves the standing of the division in the eyes of football fans. It gives the Bengals a lil (not much but still) more credit if we beat the defending superbowl champs next season. urlurl-1

2) The 49ers and the Bengals have a deep history. Mainly, one that is rooted in them beating us twice in our appearances in the superbowl.  I cannot root for the 49ers because of that. url-2url-3

3) I like the Ravens colors better. Purple is pretty. (I’m a girl. These things matter to me.)


4) The Ravens are named after a poem. That appeals to the english major side of me. quoth_the_raven22wdetail

Sure, I hate Ray Lewis and kinda hope he loses because I don’t want to see him retire on a win, but I’m going to still root for them.


So, 49ers take it, but I’ll be sporting purple.


bathtime funtime

Bathtime is one of  my favorite times to spend with Ellabelle, mostly because she loves it so much. She has recently realized that she can splash and play in the water. She experiments and tries to eat the bubbles. She loves when you pour water on her, and she tries to catch it. She discovered her bath books tonight. Everything goes into her mouth so, of course, she loved the squishy waterproof books. Mommy likes them because, unlike the bubbles, eating them won’t upset her stomach.

DSCN7182DSCN7183DSCN7185yum yum

I love that she’s already a little water baby. It makes me so much more excited about summer and taking her to the pool. I also love her giggling for some unknown reason every time I dry her off and then slipping her into some fresh, warm jammies. Oh, baby footie jammies, be still my uterus. Oh and those blue eyes of hers…


My girls

I’ve been a mommy since July 2009. That’s when I became a kitty mommy to Jericho and Bellini. I loved watching my boys play with paper and beat the crap out of each other like kittens do.


Then in February 2010, I became a puppy mommy to my little chi, Maisy. Being a puppymom was pretty much the same as being a kittymom except that I had to take her outside. Well, sorta. Dogs are obviously different from cats. Cats are self sufficient. I’m their mommy by term alone, but for Maisy I am her mommy. I take care of her and love on her like she’s a baby.


Both these mommy experiences prepared me for July 2012 when I became an actual mommy. However, nothing can really prepare or compare to having your own little newborn, this tiny little person you grow inside of you and know for 9 months before anyone else gets a chance to.

 DSCN0019first pic as a new mommy
100_0512I look awful but after being awake for over 30hrs, being in labor of most of it, and then having an emergency csection I guess i could’ve looked worse

There have been adjustments made since Ellabelle came into our lives. The cats have become Josh’s cats. They already kinda were his from when I moved from Columbus to Cincinnati for almost 5 months without all three of my boys. Once the baby got here, it was solidified though (Jericho is still a momma’s boy at heart though.)


Maisy, however, has long claimed me as her “person”, a title I have long be proud of. However, being a mommy to Maisy and a mommy to Ellabelle has been a hard adjustment for me. I felt for a longtime that I wasn’t giving Maisy the attention she A) had been getting and B) should be getting. I was so wrapped up in my little baby I forgot about my chibaby. I was also freaked out because I know Maisy’s life is so short compared to mine and I wanted to make sure she gets everything she deserves in her years with us. She deserves the best for being the best little dog. She’s my first baby. She made me a mommy. She prepared me for my little EB.


So, I had to make some adjustments. Luckily, Ellabelle has since started sleeping in her room (allowing for more Maisytime at night and in the morning), and Maisy has fallen in love with the baby too. So, when I’m holding the baby, Maisy is doubley happy to just sit with both of us.

My girls. ❤


They have my heart. I love them both so dearly, and I am so thankful each day that Josh has given them to me. (Maisy was a Valentine’s day gift). Every day they both test my patience and both demand snuggletime, and the latter I am perfectly fine with.