The Morning After

Well, Operation EBs Own Bed was a complete and utter failure. She lasted less than an hour in her own bed before she was back in our room. She just kept crying and crying, and this girl does not just cry herself out. She will cry until you pick her up. It’s actually quite impressive on top of being aggravating.

And to be honest, I’m not exactly upset that she ended up back with us either (although I know Jericho is cause he got kicked out of the bedroom again). I think when she’s ready she’ll be able to go in her own room. I don’t want to 1) force her to do anything she’s not ready to do or 2) listen to her scream. She’s hardly a month old anyways. If she were two or four (and yes, I know people who are still cosleeping with their four year olds) I could see pushing it, but for now, she’s much happier in daddy’s arms at night and momma’s much happier to have her close.


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