Ellabelle – 1 month

Clothing Size: Newborn
Diaper Size: Newborn
Weight: 8lbs 6oz – She seems so much bigger already. She doesn’t fit in my arms like she used to. I can’t believe how much difference a month makes!

Sleeping Patterns: Her sleeping schedule still leaves a lot to be desired. She still has her days and nights mixed up, but she’s sleeping for longer periods of time at night. She always seems to be fighting sleep when it comes. She has crying fits that are awful, but she seems to feel better after she has them.

Eating Habits: She’s up to 4oz of formula now, and she makes sure to let us know when it’s meal time and eats like champ. We’ve had some trouble finding the right formula for her, but with the gas formula, gripe water, and gas drops she’s doing a lot better in the tummy area.

Discoveries: She starting to hold her head up a little bit, for very short periods of time. She’s starting to get close to finding her feet. She hasn’t quite got them yet, but she’s getting closer. She makes and holds eye contact. She slept through her first bath but has cried during all the other ones that have followed. Smiles have started happening more frequently and directly at us.

Highlights: My little Elliebee’s personality is starting take shape – watching her every day is such a joy. She loves to just sit and watch things: the ceiling fan, the blinds, the tv. She loves her swing and riding in her carseat (both put her to sleep), and she hates tummy time. She’s a little rolly pully, and her daddy has nicknamed her “Squirmy Wormy.” She is also daddy’s little video game buddy.


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