Project Rocking Chair

I like crafting. I enjoy doing all kinds of things: knitting, scrapbooking, painting, glueing, and, of course, adding glitter to anything I can. The problem is I’m not the neatest person. Well, I’m not the most patient person which translates into not being the neatest. I’m also a perfectionist. Hence, I usually mess up something, and then quit half way through. I’ve got lots of half done scrapbooks to prove it.

Anyways, my mom and dad gave me my little rocking chair that I got for my 1st Christmas for Ellabelle. The poor little thing was water stained from being the basement for probably 20 years, it had some nails coming loose, and it had something weird and sticky on the back of the seat. After a little cleaning and few bangs of a hammer, I realized that the stains and stickiness just simply were not going to come off, but it was in great shape otherwise. I mean the thing is almost a quarter of a century old – that’s kinda old for a piece of furniture. 

So, thanks to Josh’s stepmom, Karen, I had some of the paint she used to paint the rocking horse she refinished for EB. So, much to Josh’s surprise, I decided to paint it. I guess he figured I wouldn’t want to change something that’s been mine for so long. It’s Ellabelle’s now though. So, after two days of bending over an almost 9 months baby belly and adding coat after coat of paint, it’s officially gone from my chair to Ellabelle’s chair. 


One crafting project I actually finished. Go me!


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