Week 29 update and Random Happys

How far along? 29 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain/lost: from pre-pregnancy weight – 15lbs

Maternity clothes? have some, but still trying to stretch the regular clothes

Stretch marks? Trying to cocoa butter them away

Best moment of the week: Mother’s Day

Missing anything? Lunch meat

Movement? Less than previous weeks, but she’s still move around

Cravings: popsicles

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really

Have you started to show? yep

Gender? Lil Miss Ellabelle

Labor signs? Not yet ::knock on wood::

Belly button in or out? In but closer to the opening

Wedding ring on or off? On

Mood: tired. Is that a mood? Oh, well, it is today…

Looking forward to: The next two Monday’s – our 1 yr anniversary and being off for Memorial Day

We’re down into the single digits – 74 days to be exact. Under 11 weeks until she’s here, and I can’t tell if I’m antsy or anxious about her arrival. Either way, we’re getting close to having that room of hers done. She keeps getting more and more clothes and items, all of them pink of course. I don’t think people can stop themselves! I keep saying it, but, it’s so true, she’s already so spoiled!

I’ve tried to think of everything I could in order to get in a “babymoon” before lil EB gets here. I decided I wanted to do one when we were on our honeymoon and there were pregnant women all over the resort we were staying at. I wanted one of my own someday and, now, it’s never gonna happen. =( There’s just no time left Well, there’s one weekend that would be perfect, but Josh is Josh and it isn’t going to happen. I’m bummed, but its okay. Josh wants to take Ellabelle to the beach next year, and, frankly, I’m itching to see the shore already. So, we’ll just save up and take a family vacay next year.


And now, I present, some random happys:

Our anniversary 

It’s week from today. It’s hardly to believe it’s been an entire year. It’s felt like it’s gone by so quickly yet like we’ve been married forever. We’re hopefully going to be able to do something special for it. Nothing too fancy, just something to remember the day.

My first (almost) mommy’s day 

I got a gift bag from my manimal babies (and Josh), a recordable story book from Ellabelle, and a gift card to Meijer and two adorable sleepers for lil EB from my sister, Angie. Ellabelle made her grandma some cupcakes for the special day as well. 

We spent the day running around because we’ve got lots of people to see. We went to Aunt B. Nana’s for a cook out that ended up being inside due to the rain, but the food and company were awesome as usual. Maisy got to go see her cousin Tillee who is a yorkie-poo. The two of them seemed to enjoy each other – chasing and butt sniffing ensued. Aunt B. Nana even shared a hot dog with her and Tillee. 

After that we headed to Josh’s dad’s house for dinner. It also happens to be his dad’s birthday today so it was a double duty visit. Maisy loved showing off and prancing around there as well. She slept in the car and was ready to pass out by the time we got home.

My boys 

Josh started his big boy job today! YAH! =)


Four and out the door. Home to my puppy.


The boopy thief 


Have a happy monday!


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