The Good List

There’s that list. I know you’ve seen it. We all have. It has neon signs flashing around it. It’s written on pretty paper with sparkly gel pen. It draws you in, and makes you want to look at it. But it’s a trap. All the flashing and grandeur are meant to just pull you in because what’s on that list, it’s bad. It’s horrible and awful and terrible and that list of all the bad is always oh so very long. It’s like in a dream where you keep running and running and you never get anywhere. That list just keeps going. A quick glance and my copy of that list would show back pain and hip pain, sleepiness, weepiness from hormones, lack of appreciation, the prospect of having to see certain people I’d really rather not this weekend, uncertainty about things in the future (very specific things), and so on and so on. That list, it can consume a person, and, while I like to glance at it from time to time, I try not to focus on its contents. It’s like a cavity – you keep blowing air throw it just make sure it still hurts. But I have promised myself to see the positives when life hands me negatives. I mean, the good list, it’s not as flashy, and it may not be as pretty, and it’s written on ordinary, every day paper, but it is just as long as that bad list if you take the time to look at it.

1. Blowy things

I have a thing for blowy things (scientific name: dandelion seeds). I love them. I will run into yards to pick them and scatter their lovely fluffiness everywhere. Never mind that they’re weeds. Never mind that the people who’s yard have them usually hate them (and probably me for spreading the seeds). Blowy things are misunderstood. They are whimsy embodied. They are magic. They go places I can’t even dream of going. They are a true representation of beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I think they are beautiful.

And, somewhere around here, there are lots of them. Well, at least it looks there is. Maybe there’s another plant that has soft, wispy, white puffs that fly around carelessly in the wind. I’d like to meet this plant if it exists. From my limited knowledge of the seedlings of the plant world though, I can only assume there is giant field of blowy things somewhere close by. How do I know? Because it looks like it’s snowing outside my office window. Big, huge, downy flakes falling from the sky. And since I know it’s currently 80° outside and snow would never be able to stay held together, plus I tried to catch a few on my way out to lunch, I know they are indeed identical to dandelion seeds. There must be hundreds of little tufts just swirling around in the wind, and they make me happy. Can you picture all the blowy things? Heaven.

2. People who think they are above the law

Ok, I don’t really like people who think that they are above the law. However, I’m very happy they exist because it means there are parking tickets to given and boots to be placed. And you know who gives tickets and places boots? The parking enforcement department. And you know who starts work at the parking enforcement department next Monday? This guy: 

Watch out, people of Cincinnati. Biggie’s on patrol.

3. Warm, sunshiney days

I love days when the sun’s high and warm, and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky. Those days need to be celebrated, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to take the puppy dog to the lake. Sure, sometimes the dog won’t stay out of the road, and the husband complains that his toes are going to get sunburnt, and everyone smells like musty outside once you get home, but those days are also what make living in Ohio bearable. 

4. The prospect of naps

Not every day can be sunny though. Some days, it’s cloudy and kinda dreary looking. Those days call, no, they beg for naps. Naps are those things you hated as a kid and loved as a college student. They are equally as nice for pregnant women. I love taking naps. I love when I get to take naps with my puppy and my husband. They make every thing seem so wonderful, and the day has purpose when a nap is included in the schedule (your purpose is to survive until your nap). I have one scheduled for about 4:30 today. Oh, nappy nappy nappy.

Naps are something we are really good at in the Hawkins House 


5. Pudding cups

I recently re-discovered my love of pudding cups. I went through a pudding cup phase in college. I even wrote a poem called “Ode to a Pudding Cup.” It got lost in the great myspace delete of 2008. I hated them in grade school, but I realize now that it was because they were never cold in my lunch. They have to be cold, and they have to be chocolate and vanilla swirl. The best thing about pudding cups is that they are $1 for 4 of them. 

Cheap and delicious. I ate my last one for lunch today. That goes on the bad list, but we’re going to the grocery store tonight so it won’t be on the bad list for long!

Even my calendar tries to keep me away from the bad list. My quote for May:

“Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.”

I will be a flower. Maybe I’ll be a blowy thing.


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