Baby Weekend

This whole past weekend was centered around one thing – Ellabelle. That’s how life is going to be in less than 3 months anyways so it was a nice practice run through. I’m sure the crying and feedings and pooping will make the rest of our life a little more dirty and exhausting, but still, a dress rehearsal is still better than not practicing at all.

Friday I took a much needed vacation day except it didn’t really feel like a vacation day. I had to get up early and eat something so I could drink the lovely sugary concoction that is part of the 1 hour glucose test. Then we drove to the lab so we could sit until my hour was up and have my blood drawn. I had to eat after the test too. I felt fine except for a little queasiness before the blood was drawn. I found out yesterday that I passed the glucose part with flying colors. However, I’m low on iron and my white blood cell count is up.

After visits to Target, Dollar Tree, and Jungle Jim’s, we spent the rest of Friday cleaning the house. The house is much happier when it’s clean. You can just tell. It’s more willing to allow the air to circulate through, and the walls relax. Ok, the walls don’t actually get a much needed vacation, but you get the point – a happy home is a happy life.

Ellabelle’s shower was Saturday. And, while the always expected stress and drama didn’t fail to deliver, it was still a good day. We got so many amazing things from everyone who came out, and there was a ton of yummy food. We are so spoiled to have so many people who love us and are just as excited about out little itty bit as we are, and there’s no doubt that this little girl will be just as spoiled (if not more) once she’s here. My fake belly cake

the diaper bikeme and Auntie Ang at the showerour little familysome of her awesome gifts

Sunday we took back the few things we got that we didn’t need or already had and bought some other things for our girl. We walked out of the store with our travel system (stroller, infant car seat, and car seat base for in the car), her play pen, some more bottles, and pacifiers. I think we cleaned up pretty good this weekend. Like I said, she’s already so spoiled. We sorted through her gifts, organized everything, and put together her crib, travel swing, stroller, and mobile. We also did a ton of baby laundry. Mamaw Karen got her so many clothes that I don’t think she’ll be able to wear them all. I even ignored my OCD and folded them with Josh. Ellabelle’s travel systemher playpen/bed for the first few weeksher crib all put togetherher name all up on the wall – that means it’s officially her room now!

I was sick yesterday, and today isn’t going much better. This whole high white blood cell count thing could be to blame. However, the sun is out after the monsoon that happened last night, so I’m happy. I’m happy it’s finally feeling like spring, even if I am planning on spending the afternoon in bed. Also, yesterday, Josh found out he got the city job! YAH! This was exactly what we’ve needed. Thank God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, and any of deity that may have had a part in this!

There are a lot of things I keep fretting over that are in the future and completely out of my control. Josh is constantly telling me to just let go of these things and not worry about them, but that’s not in my nature. I like to be in control even though I know, logically, that I can’t control everything and everyone. I think that’s the lesson that’s going to be the hardest for me to fully grasp as a mother. There are going to be plenty of occasions where I want to control my baby’s surroundings and the way people treat her. I’m not always going to be able to though.

I will have to learn to let things go.

Cause, really, there isn’t a dress rehearsal for life. You gotta just grab the bull by the horns and dive head first into everything. Worrying just takes time away from being happy. It’s a rocking chair – doesn’t get you anywhere, just gives you something to do. So, I constantly have to remind myself to get out of the chair, get on the stage, dance like a fool, and enjoy my one beautiful life. Worrying can wait til tomorrow. Snuggling the puppy can’t.


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