Restfully Productive

This past weekend was a bit of an oxymoron – restfully productive. Yes, it was definitely both.

Friday was a half day at work for so I could take Josh to the doctor. Lines got crossed (not a surprise since this is the city we’re talking about) and, really, he needed me to take him Monday, but I couldn’t. I had my own doctor’s appointment. So, I sent him off on Monday with cheese crackers to help him with his blood sugar, if he needed it.

Saturday was the definition of restful. Josh had to go to work at 3:30. So, I napped from 4-8. It was delicious! I miss naps so much. I used take one like every day in undergrad and law school. The only thing that made this nap better than any in school was that Bellini and Maisy snuggled with me the entire time. Josh came home from work, we ate dinner, and I went back to bed for the evening. Lazy days are much needed therapy sometimes.

Saturday was exciting because we got our first big baby shower gift. My mom and dad dropped off Ellabelle’s crib and mattress on Saturday morning. Our itty bit has a place to sleep! Now, it only we had a finished room to put the crib in…  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Schoenig for Ellybelly’s bed and mattress!

Sunday was the productive part of the weekend. Josh went to work Sunday morning, and I attacked the house. And Houston, WE HAVE CARPET! It’s been so long since we’ve seen you, bedroom carpet. Oh how we’ve missed you. Look at it! I forgot what color it was! Hello, old friend! 

 All the laundry has been sorted and most of it has been washed and dried. (We ran out of time to do it all!) I spot treated and steam vacced the hallway that was beginning to look more and more like a dalmation thanks to Maisy’s UTI and her complete contempt of the “outside potty” rules. The towels now have their very own home. They’ve been moved to and from places for so long, living mostly in the laundry basket they were brought out of the dryer in. I can tell they’re happy to have a permanent residence. Home sweet home The toilet paper has it’s own home now as well. It’s just got to deal with noisy neighbors upstairs

The bathroom was scrubbed down (with an old toothbrush I might add) and unpacked. The shelves that were in the closet in our bathroom when we moved in were plywood and cheap and splintering. Josh whaled on them, and they went to Mt. Rumpke a long time ago. No other construction work followed. There was simply an empty closet in our bathroom. So, finally, the old laundry room shelves have been installed into the bathroom closet so that all our toiletries have a proper home. He also took the closet door down because, let’s face it, that thing was just as ugly as those old shelves. “Ohhs!” and “Ahhs” all around for the final product

The spare bathroom had this hideous glue residue from where the moronic previous owners glued a shelf to the wall. Not nailed. Not mounted with screws. They glued a shelf to the wall. I ripped it down the first day we moved in (it wasn’t even sturdy enough to hold toilet paper!) and we were left with an ugly brown build up. (Note: this is not the only shelf glued to a wall in the house. He also overrode all the safeties on the furnace which could’ve caused the whole house to explode. One word – moron.) So, I moved Josh’s self-proclaimed favorite picture into the bathroom to cover it up. I hung it up with one tiny little nail because I am not a moron. You can still see some of the glue they spread for who knows why across the wall. We have yet to discover a way to remove it successfully.

And then, we came to the door. Ellabelle’s soon-to-be-room has had a broken doorknob since we’ve moved in. Josh swapped the doorknob off the bathroom closest door with the broken one. Problem was the door still didn’t latch. (We’ve had it held shut with a hair tie and screw in the wall.) So, upon realizing the genius former owners (note the sarcasm, please) had simply drilled their own hole into the door frame to latch the door into, we did the same. There was no alternative. Josh wanted to remove the door and adjust it to the hole. That seemed like way more work than just making the hole bigger. So after some drilling, sanding, and vacuuming (all done by Josh) the door now officially closes! YAH! It ain’t pretty, but at least it works

This week has been busy and relaxing somehow as well. We’re both working during the day which is strange but exciting. I’m not used to coming home to an empty house. Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment. I’m still measuring on time, and Ellabelle’s heartbeat is steady and strong. I had an incident Sunday afternoon so they had to do an internal check (which btw is the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with and that includes my teeth being drilled on without being numb.) Luckily, I’m still sealed shut nice and tight, and Ellabelle will continue to bake.

Josh had a physical and blood work on Monday as well. He passed the physical beautifully considering his size and weight. We’re just waiting to hear back on the blood work so hopefully there will be good *official* news here in the very near future.

I have my glucose test on Friday. Not looking forward to pounding back some straight sugar and then having blood drawn. Let’s hope I pass so I don’t have to take the 3 hour test. That would be awful.

The weather is being bipolar around these parts – cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I’ve been alternating between flip flops and ugg boots. It’s awful weather to be pregnant in. Regardless of the temp, the days have been mostly sunny and clear so Maisy has been getting walks. She loves walk time. Last night we walked her to the mailbox. She gets so excited and runs as fast as she can until the leash runs out and then she sits down and waits for you to catch up with her and then takes off running again. 

We finally got near the mailboxes when I spotted two big, fat robins just sitting in the grass. They seemed to ignore me and my little blonde ball of fluff I had on a string, and, of course, Maisy never notices anything that’s right in front of her. So, I sorta dragged her over to them. One of them flew away once she was there. The other just continued to sit. So, I placed Maisy right on top of it (she still hadn’t noticed it sitting there). When their bodies met, hell broke loose. That robin tried to fly up and away from the intruder. The dog freaked out because there was a bird under her belly trying to get out. Needless to say, I realized that the poor robin couldn’t fly because it was injured. So, I had to drag Maisy away from it because now she wanted to play with it. To that poor injured robin, I am sorry I made my dog sit on you and then try to play with you.

We headed back to the house, and Josh noticed Maisy take a strange step. Well, girl’s kneecap popped out of place. Karma for the bird incident, I suppose. She limped for a few steps, it seemed to pop back into place, and she walked gingerly on it. So, Josh being the good daddy he is, he scooped her up and carried her home. Here’s the thing about Maisy, she doesn’t see things that are right in front of her (like the giant rabbit we saw in a yard), but the girl loves watching birds swoop up and down from spot to spot. So, while being carried she got super stiff and her ears perked right up. This, too, startled Josh. He thought something was wrong with her. I assured him she was just hunting birds.

The first time we took Maisy to NKU we were out in front of the science building that has a big open lawn. There were geese. Long story short, she managed to pull the leash from out of my hand and take off. She chased those geese like it was her job. She almost caught up to them too! Scared both Josh and me half to death. I couldn’t even chase her cause I was wearing flip flops and, it was muddy and loss of my shoes would’ve only added more trouble to the situation. Luckily, we yelled, and she stopped – right on the double yellow line of the street. The car coming saw her and, thankfully, stopped as she rolled over to have belly rubbed as Josh came to scoop her up. While it terrified us, I’m sure that was one of the best memories of her little doggie life. She’s so special she may just need a helmet

While the walk was nice and the cooler weather made me comfortable for a little while (Josh was cold and kept saying he needed a jacket), it wore me out. I couldn’t breathe when we got home. I figure Ellabelle was laying up near my ribs based on the pressure, so I blame her. Lol. We spent a rather quiet evening enjoying not being able to find anything to watch on tv. Sunday starts our Marvel marathon. It’s Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, one a day for the week, and then, for a Saturday matinee (because we’re too old for the midnight showing and too poor to afford it) we will be seeing The Avengers. Josh is so pumped. I’ll admit I’m excited about it too. Gotta make it through the remainder of this week first – there’s lots of baby things afoot. The glucose test is Friday, and the baby shower is Saturday. I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures to share. 😉


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