Choose Your Own Adventure

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
-Helen Keller

 When I was younger, like in the 4th grade, I loved those “choose your own adventure” books. I will, however, admit that I always cheated and would flip to both options then decide which adventure I wanted to take. Even at a young age, I was a control freak who wanted all my options laid out before me before I picked the one I wanted. It’s part of the reason why I’m hardly ever spontaneous. I like things planned, and I like to know where I’m going and when, and in advance. It’s just how I am. It’s who I am.

We had an adventure this weekend, like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Except ours was real. And I just went with the flow. No looking ahead to see where we would end up. And it was beautiful and sunny and warm. I wore flip flops and a tank top. Josh complained that he forgot his hat. Spring truly felt like it had arrived.


Maisy has been getting more walks than she’s used to lately. She’s pretty lazy most days (all day, every day, really). Pick up her leash and she’s off though. She’s so spirited. It’s like she’s a balloon that just inflates and floats around when outside. Unfortunately, I’ve been having such bad hip pain, it’s been really hard to get her outside. So, not only have we been giving Maisy the gift of the outdoors, but we have a very tired pup to spend our evenings with (which is the best kind). 

She’s so funny when we go for walks. She has to sniff everything, and I mean everything. It starts before we leave the driveway. She usually relieves herself in our yard, as usual, and then stands in the driveway and waits. She gets really still, her ears up, and her nose just twitches back and forth, especially if it’s windy. And then, once I give her the go, she runs across the street to smell the yard where the wiener dog lives. She loves this yard. She loves every yard. And every lamp post. And every street sign. And every tall patch of grass. 

You can tell when girly is tired on the walk though. She starts walking in the street like “I’ve had enough smellies for the day. Let’s go home.” She prances across the cement with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. She wiggles her butt and then stands on her back legs when she sees people we won’t let her go meet. She tries to circle back to the people after we’ve passed them. She thinks she’s super sneaky and super clever. It never works.

Maisy walks are a highlight of the day when we get to take them. Josh always gets impatient with her when she wants to stand in a yard and sniff the same spot for 5 minutes. I just let her go. A dogs life is 8x short than ours. What’s an extra minute or two in our lives if it makes her happy for the shorter minutes of hers?


Friday was “Friends and Family Day” at Advanced Auto Parts. I was the only person to show up. I got free cake though. Josh showed me around his store, and I proved how little I know about cars.  Looks like we finally found a q-tip for Josh that’s big enough to get the job done


Saturday was a day filled with family. Karen, Josh’s stepmom, had us all over for her birthday (which was Friday the 13th). Granted, it was all her family, but it was nice to spend time with Josh’s dad and stepmom.Trent was excited to show Josh the dragon he made on his new xbox game the easter bunny left him. He’s also decided that Ellabelle’s work-in-progress bookshelf is now his gun rack. Karen went all out and made an easter/birthday feast since we were all unable to make it on Easter – ham, turkey, stuffing, green beans, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate birthday cake, all made from scratch. It’s nice to just slow down and be surrounded by family and just be.


Sunday was our adventure day. With Josh still searching, hoping, and praying (to Joe Pesci, of course) for full time work and currently working part-time, money’s been a little tighter around here. Not that we’ve had much anyways. It just seems like somehow each penny has had to be pinched just a little bit more these past few months. So, how the cash is spent has become much stricter. So, on Sunday morning when Josh looked at me and said, “Let’s go an adventure today,” I was slightly hesitant. So, things had to be examined and rearranged a bit, but we were able to take our adventure.

It was gorgeous out, and Josh has been dying to go putt-putting. So, we went to Fairfield Golf Center to play at Golf Mountain. The putt-putt place was gorgeous with irises and these bushes with little purple blooms. I beat Josh by 3 strokes, but I’m pretty sure he let me win. 

The dreaded Golf Mountain – muahaha; but seriously, that thing was hard to walk up and down! The stairs were awful.Irises

Josh taking his golf game very serious Josh taking his golf game not so serious M y golf pose I love water falls – even if they’re fake and are a golfing hazardEllabelle kept getting in the way off my club us enjoying the fake water fall

After we golfed, we headed to the Eastgate Mall. We hadn’t been there in years. There wasn’t anything too exciting at the mall. We’ve both apparently reached the age where malls just aren’t fun anymore. We did spend a good deal of time in Toys R Us. Apparently, you’re never too old to enjoy Toys R Us. There was a Seuss book sale so we got Ellabelle 3 more Seuss books. Then, we went and visited Joe at work (Best Buy), and Josh went all squeally teenage girl because Joe’s boss is a former professional wrestler. He even almost got touched by the wrestler when he walked past Josh. Josh may have fainted if there had been skin to skin contact.

We spent our “going out” money on a special meal and went to Joe’s Crab Shack on the river for dinner. I totally schooled Josh on getting the crab meat out of his crab legs. It’s quite sad considering I don’t even eat seafood. Josh all suited up for his crabs Yoda joined us for dinner I just love the wall in the bathroom

We were headed home when Josh goes, “Let’s go to Gold Top.” I thought okay why not. Another ice cream shop to cross off the Summer Ice Cream Bucket list. Then he goes, “Isn’t Putz’s this way?” And I was like, “Yeah it is!” So we went to Putz’s instead. Gold Top will have to wait another day. Gold Top is good, but, come’on, you can’t beat Putz’s. It’s older than most people’s grandparents. 

So we each got a cone at the busy little creamy whip. I got the usual cherry dipped vanilla. Josh got peanut butter dipped chocolate in a waffle cone. We decided that the cherry dip is better than The Cones, but the peanut butter dip is not. Mmmm, I want another already Josh’s fat kid waffle cone This was a totally legit drip-stopping lick. No shame.

Putz’s has so many memories connected to it. The place has been around since 1938. Parents brought their kids there, and now they’re grandparents bringing their grandkids. You can just see the generations while you sit and enjoy your creamy delight. There’s a lot of history there. I remember my dad taking Angie and me there in the mustang. I look forward to taking Ellabelle there someday. Putz’s just rocks.

Maisy got a short walk after we got home since the whole original plan was to take her for a long walk on the sunny day. It was okay though. She spent more than enough time sniffing spots and marking poles. She was worn out and hot by the time we got home.

This weekend’s choose your own adventure was a complete success. It ended with us on the couch, just as tired as Maisy, watching Chopped All-Stars. It was a great way to bring the new work week in. We certainly need to try and do more spontaneous things in the nearby future.


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