Little Rays of Sunshine

I’m having a bad morning. Every joint in my body hurts. Every brain cell in my head is still asleep. My eyelids keep trying to close. I’m fighting every natural urge in my body to go home and get back in bed – and this is all after having a cup of coffee.

Luckily, I have sunshine on a rather cloudy day, and I’m not talking about the beams outside the window. Josh spent most of his morning trying to cheer me up – sending me pictures of my manimals (cause who can frown when looking at a furry sleeping animal?) Plus, who’s heart wouldn’t melt when a 31 year old man says, “Maisy is the sunshine to break up the clouds.” Well, maybe not everyone’s heart would melt, but mine sure did.

Here are my little rays of sunshine today, trying hard to break through the little rain cloud over my head: 

And, of course, can’t forget about my stinkyface, all cleaned up for his interview today (Good luck, baby!):

So I’ll let my personal sunbeams warm my cheeks and open my eyes and keep trying to solider on the best I can. Maybe I’ll be able to shake this rain cloud.


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