Easter weekend

Easter weekend at the Hawkins house was exactly as I had hoped: quiet and relaxing. It was nice to spend all weekend at home and not have anywhere to go – these types of weekends are so far and few between. It was kinda sad not to get to go out to brunch or have Easter dinner with family, but a weekend with just my Josh and my manimals was a welcomed change of pace.

Saturday the spare bedroom finally got unpacked. It’s only been 8 months since we’ve moved in, and, finally, all the boxes have been gone through, all the stuff has been sorted, and the room is starting to look like, well, a room. Which is good, since it will be Ellabelle’s room. I’m sad we won’t be able to get the new flooring put in before the baby shower. It’s a bit more pricey than we anticipated. We’ll figure it out though. The cleaning and organizing took a lot out of me (what doesn’t these days?) so I took a nap and we had dinner together and stayed up late. I saw midnight for the first time since, I think, our wedding. I’m an old lady who likes to go to bed early and sleep in late.

Sunday morning I hid “easter bones” for Maisy to find. She ate about 3 of them, and the rest were hidden. One bone hidden 

Another bone hidden

Enter the Great Cat/Dog Fight of 2012. Jericho was investigating the spot where one of her bones was hidden. Maisy gets very angry and possessive of her bones when it comes to the cats. She jumped down off the couch and cornered Jericho. Jericho, not liking being cornered, took a swat, and the fur went flying. Literally. I broke the two of them up, and Jericho’s fur was floating around. Maisy took a big chunk of fur right out of his cheek. They are both okay, only prides were hurt.

Sunday also meant Josh’s pancakes! He makes the best pancakes ever. He burnt my first one, so I made my 2nd and 3rd, and, somehow, his burnt one still tasted better than my perfectly browned one. I don’t know how he does it.  Mine had dried cherries in them; his had peanut butter and chocolate syrup

I tried to take a cute Easter shot of Maisy. Josh helped. She did not cooperate. The final result was not the picture I set out to get. I have plenty of blurry and sideways glances of her though. Observe: 

The final shot: 

My mom and dad brought a little Easter cheer over when they dropped off our Easter baskets. Maisy got a box of Milkbones and a baggie of t-bone chewies. They walked Maisy, wore her out, and the Poop Lady did her job for the day. So, Maisy was pooped in all ways necessary for a quiet evening.

Easter isn’t a big deal to us. It’s not a holiday that has any significant impact on our daily lives (except that the manly bunnies get to come out for a little while). It’s more about traditions that we’ve always had and will soon be passing on – like the great Easter egg debate. Josh says Easter eggs get hidden outside. I say they get hidden inside at home, outside with Grandma Fulmer. I say you hide the Easter basket as well; Josh disagrees. Next year, I will have my way. With an 8 month old that should be crawling around, inside is where the eggs will go. The year after, we can’t seem to agree. I tried to compromise – some inside, some out. Josh didn’t want to budge. Funny, he’s the atheist. At least, I was raised Catholic. My Easter rules should trump his, but I digress. We’ll just wait and see, I guess.

With the delivery of my easter basket, my sweet tooth has had plenty of sugary confections to nosh on. I’ve been obsessed with Twix the past week anyways. I’m so gonna have to go to Kroger tonight and snatch up some sale bags of the miniatures.  They are like drugs to me

Looking at the calendar this week, I’m happy to report it is blank! Yeah! That means more Maisy time. More nesting time. More Josh and me on the couch time. More time to just be. 


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