I think in the cynical world we live in, it’s easy to over look things that make you happy. Sure, there’s all those clichés like “stop and small the roses” and “don’t worry, be happy”, but around every corner, on every homepage, newsfeed, and tv channel there’s something else horrible happening that needs our attention. We have to tell ourselves these clichés because it’s so easy to forget what happiness really is.

Yesterday was a day filled with happiness, and I’m not talking glass half full happy. I’m talking glass running over and spilling on the floor happy. Yes, this weekend my cup certainly runneth over. Sure, there were dishes to be done, clothes to be washed, and sheets to be changed, but those things aren’t always as important as one might make them seem.


This weekend’s happiness was:

– My little booger of a puppy sneaking her bones into bed since the Fat Man wasn’t there to stop her

– Falling asleep with Josh sitting next to me playing his Nintendo DS after going to bed alone for 3 nights in a row

– Going shopping for new clothes especially ones that show of my baby bump

– Driving around with the windows down even if it was in an old beaten up cav

– Afternoon naps

– Visiting old places that remind you of your childhood 

– Putting makeup on – especially since it’s been so long since I’ve bothered

– Spending the evening on the couch knitting for my itty bit

– Having my kitty curl up with me on the couch 

– The first ice cream of the season 

– Finding some old gems and rescuing them at the flea market

– Pulling a dress out of the back of the closet that you wore on your honeymoon that hasn’t been worn since and having it still smell like sunscreen and sea salt 

– Getting Bellini a new mouse toy and watching him spend the rest of the evening playing with it

– Big League Chew bubble gum – my inner child is very excited 


For some reason, happiness just came easy this weekend. The weather was beautiful and even the gray skies wouldn’t kill the buzz on Sunday. Just being surrounded by love makes everything seem so naturally happy anyways, and that’s the best kind of happy – the kind that just happens.

So, the dishes are still dirty. The laundry will have to be thrown in when I get home from work. The bed is still a shamble. They waited til today though. Chores can always wait til Monday. After all, that’s what Monday is for anyways. Let the weekend just be…



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