IVs, heat, green beer, and crafts

How far along? 21 weeks and 5 days

Total weight gain/lost: +1lbs

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? Working on that cocoa butter

Best moment of the week: St. Patty’s Weekend

Missing anything?Turkey sandwhiches

Movement? She’s squirmy =)

Cravings: salty, oh like chips, or something sweet, no, peanut butter! or maybe some popcorn instead, or an apple, maybe some cereal, no, no, pizza, etc.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Have you started to show? A little

Labor signs? nope

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding ring on or off? On, when I remember

Mood: pretty happy – it’s warm out! =)

Looking forward to: sleeping in this weekend

Quick baby update: not much to report. Josh hasn’t felt her kick still. I feel it all the time. She’s still breech so she kicks me near the crotch, but I’m told she should flip over soon. Leg cramps have started up again. I added a pillow to my desk chair, and it’s helped relieve that breaking-in-half feeling tremendously.

I made yet another ER visit last week. I had awful pains in my stomach that spread to my chest, and I was having a hard time breathing. Josh took me to Urgent Care who sent me to the ER because they don’t treat pregnant women. Once they cleared Lil Ellz, they didn’t really seem to care much about me. It’s like I don’t matter. I’m just the person carrying the baby, nothing else, just a vessel. Anyways, I’m glad she’s fine, and all that was wrong with me was a UTI. It was awfully painful, and they put me on antibiotics. I just finished them up last night actually.

I hate IVs 

Other than that, it’s been quiet on the baby front. We did register for baby stuff at Target and Babies R Us. I painted her letters and some frames and decided on how to decorate the rest of the room. The trick is, now, to convince Josh that, yes, those $80 wall appliqués are really necessary. Hopefully, I’ll win =)


“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.”  ~Nadine Stair

Spring, you’re here! I’ve been awaiting your arrival on pins and needles. Your friend, Winter, he was kind to us this year, but you, oh, you, dear Spring, my heart has longed for your return. I know you and Winter have a rocky relationship. He never wants to leave as he should and allow you bring with you the vibrant specks of colors you splash across the earth. Share your greens, your yellows, pinks, reds, and blues! Just keep the gray slush of winter at bay, will you please. I do worry that old man Winter still has a good dusting left up his sleeve. 

I love spring weather. This year, it seems, Ohio has decided to jump straight to summer. 85 degrees in March. The lion and the lamb are both way overheated this year. Yesterday, I had a huge standing fan on high, a ceiling fan, all three doors open, the living room window, the kitchen window, plus a small standing fan and a window fan on high in the bedroom on, and I still managed to melt into a puddle on the couch. (The two furry animals who insisted on sitting against/on top of each of my legs certainly didn’t help.) I had on a measly tank top that does not cover my belly anymore and super thin cotton short pajamas. There was no possible way to be any less clothed in the heat. Josh is going to get the a/c ready for me today. I don’t understand pilot lights and gas furnaces, but I’m assured I can’t just flip the a/c on.

the poor manimals are the one who suffer the most thou

Hasn’t stopped Bean from trying to get some snuggle time in while his fur sticks to my sweaty leg

I took Maisy out yesterday, trying my best to keep my tank top down long enough to get her out and then back in. It did not cooperate. I was a huge, blistering stereotype with my pregnant belly trying to pop out while barefoot outside a trailer. Maisy wanted to go for a walk, of course, and refused to try and pee. Finally, Josh, who stopped by for a sec between stores, got her to go. If we had a pick up truck or a couch on the lawn, it might have made the stereotype I was accidently perpetuating even more obvious. We do have a third row of a Ford Windstar on the back porch though. It’s part of Josh’s “Man Porch.” So, in my mind, I was feeling very trailer trashy, and I’m okay with that. Like I said, 86° in the aluminum can we live in-I’m fine being barefoot and pregnant.

The only true sign that it’s spring and not summer is that there are daffodils popping up everywhere. We have more daffodil plants than I ever expected. They were long dead by the time we moved into the place at the end of July. Josh tried to get rid of them by running over their remains with a lawn mower in August. Yet, here we are in March, and the strong little soldiers are blooming in all their white, yellow, and orange glory. My hyacinth bulbs that I planted in October came up in January, survived the strange back and forth of warm and kinda cold weather. They bloomed beautifully (there were hot pink cause they were breast cancer awareness bulbs) but half dead. They kinda rotted and died quickly. I was sad because I only had two that I could pick for my kitchen (they smell amazing!), and they quickly died too. Josh told me two or three days ago, as I threw away the sad remains of my flowers, that there were flowers blooming along the other side of the house (the side I never look at). To my great glee, there were more hyacinths! Light pink, deep purple, and periwinkle! They have since been picked and put in a vase with a few of my daffodils.


St. Patrick’s Day was a lot of fun this year. Josh finally got to shave his head after 10.5 long months. He was so happy. He’s bald again, YAH!

I don’t like beer anyways so I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all. We went downtown to see the parade, left early due to the heat, hit Party Source, and had a cookout at our house. Good friends, good food, and good booze (for Josh, anyways). As always, green beer was a must. We pulled an elderly folks night, and we went to bed about 8pm. (We both were ready at 6:30 so 8pm was quite an accomplishment.)


Josh has to work evenings this week. He’s learning how to close since he’s going to be a key holder. I have been so exhausted. I didn’t take my Unisom on Monday, and, boy, it was awful. I couldn’t even keep water down. So, I’m taking Meijer’s off-brand of it, and even though it says it’s the same, I’m more tired than usual. I have been staying up to almost ten though. So, maybe it’s the fact that I was going to bed at 8 and now I’m being wild and crazy and staying up an extra 2 hours. Either way, my exhaustion + Josh’s work schedule means I barely get to see him. It sucks, but it’s a job. We’ve gotta do what we gotta do.


Most preggo women nest. I haven’t started yet. I don’t exactly have a room to start nesting in as there are still boxes (mostly Josh’s) all over Ellabelle’s room. Plus, we plan on putting in new flooring. And we haven’t bought any furniture for baby E yet. (I’ve been told by multiple people that we have to wait until after the baby shower.) So, I craft instead.

Now, Josh, he doesn’t get crafting, and he hates Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanne’s, and crafty stands at the flea market. He doesn’t understand how an aisle of nothing put color coordinated ribbon can be so fascinating. He’s very get-in-get-out when it comes to anything. He gets that from his dad who can go through Trader’s World in about 15 minutes. (It takes us at least an hour, and that’s when we don’t even go all the way through.) I love to walk around craft stores. I love getting inspired, seeing things already made, wondering how I could do that, cheaply, with a twist, trying to figure out what kind of photo frame I need here and what picture I’d put it in. Oh, and don’t even get Josh started on the fake flowers in all the stores. He hates the fake flowers. He doesn’t understand why anyone would need to buy flowers to put on display in their home. (He feels this way about real flowers too, but I’ve got two vases sitting on my table at home so clearly he never wins this fight.)

Anyone who’s been to my mom’s house can tell you, crafting is in our blood. She’s always done something in the evenings (mostly to keep herself from falling asleep in her chair in front of the tv at 6pm). Originally, it was cross stitching. She got cross stitch elbow (or  wrist, or something like that, I don’t remember exactly) and can’t enjoying doing it much anymore. Now she makes bead things and sequiny banners. We’ve always done crafty things. Growing up I had bead kits, an easy bake oven, those little pegs that you made a picture out of melted together. Josh just has to get over it cause I plan passing the crafty gene down to Ellabelle.

My current crafts:

A nest (I’ll explain later)

Miss Ellabelle’s letters for her nursery


I plan to post about Josh’s drag show tomorrow WITH PICTURES! =)

xo, amy


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