This weather is having a negative effect on my mood. It usually does. I mean, I did self diagnose myself with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). I’m just one of those people who is down when it rains and up when it’s sunny. That could be why I’m always so much happier at the beach. I need to move toFloridaor something.

So, as I sit and look out my window, the rain drops fall and the thunder shakes, and I am left wondering if I can control my emotions more than I think. There are people who believe that we control our own destinies and all. I don’t know if I agree with that. These people have obviously never suffered from a mental disorder. Only people who have never had depression would tell you “It’s all in your head.” They are right about that. It is all in your head, but it’s not something you can just go, “I think I’ll stop being depressed today.” It certainly does not work like that.

As for the rain, maybe I give it too much of a hard time. Sleeping in the rain is one of the best ways to sleep, especially if you’re in a tent. I used to love when it rained at Girl Scout camp. The tents were up off the ground on wooden platforms and the flaps from the top covered the open sides so you could hear it all and be right in the middle of the storm, but not get wet.

Rain is also good for plants. My hyacinths are almost all the way open, and, being the horrible horticulturists I am, I always plant flowers and forget to water them. So, thankfully, Mother Nature is taking care of it for me today. We’ve also got some pretty flower plants that Josh tried to kill by running over them with the lawnmower last summer. Luckily, the little plants are resilient. Until he figures out what he’s going to put there instead, I look forward to the mystery plants blooming.

People seem to have this fascination with the rain. Maybe it’s because it’s one of those things we haven’t ever been able to figure out how to control. Maybe it’s because rain does what it wants when it wants. It comes for long periods of time, and it stays away from long periods of time. People have written poems. People have made up dances. People have written songs. Rain is vital to human existence as well as the human experience. It is a very multidimensional element. Humans relate to it in a way of hurt and pain. The heavens unleash their tears upon the land. Rain is also related to in a cleansing way, a sign of new life and new hope, leaving all the past behind you. Sunshine doesn’t have that kind of depth. The sun is always happy. It’s far from being human. The rain is moody and pensive. It can be light and refreshing or dark and scary. The rain is the more stereotypical female half of the yin and yang of life. Men are carefree and easy going (like the sun) while women tend to (again stereotypically) be withdrawn and harder to read.

Yeah, maybe that’s why I’m not a huge fan of the rain. I see myself in it. I have enough rain in my own head that I need the sunshine to balance out my natural gloominess. That’s why I surround myself with natural sunshine, like Maisy and kittybabies.

My personal sunshine:


Makes me happy when skies are gray…


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