Spring, please spring!

I’m a spring person. It’s too hot in the summer. It’s too cold in the winter. It’s nice in the fall, but the cold is coming in instead of heading out. I love spring, and right now, I’m itching for spring. I have a window now in my office that I can turn and look out. Granted, the view is of a cemetery, but I still see blue sky and sunshine on occasion. These bright cheery looking days are always such a let down when I go outside, and its freezing. Luckily, it hasn’t been too cold this winter (yet), but I think there should be a rule that if it looks 60 degrees out, it should be 60 degrees out.

I want sunshine on my face and warm breezes in my hair. I want to take the puppy for walks without worrying her paws are freezing. I want to ride around with the windows down and smell freshly cut grass. I want pastel colors everywhere and flowers in bloom.

Winter keeps its grip on Ohio though. No, it’s not ice. It’s not snow. But it certainly isn’t spring.

The weather around here has been crazy anyways. The whole “in like a lion” thing about March proved to be a little too true this year. Let’s just say March showed up like a freaking dive bombing peregrine falcon (those things can go 200 miles per hours). There were tornadoes all over the place in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. I was on my way home from work, and Josh called me. He was freaked out by storms, and it freaked me out cause usually it’s me freaking out. He was like, “We have to get out of this house!” So, I made him lock the boys in the bathroom and pack Maisy up. After a few changes of plans, we met on Union Centre, and I jumped into his van and we headed towards my parents house.

By the time we reached Mt. Airy, the sky was blue. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to worry about the cats being swept away by the storm while we were safe in a basement. Unfortunately, others were not as lucky as those of us in Cincinnati. We had some mild rain and some dark scary looking clouds. Other cities and towns were pretty much wiped off the map. Like 34 people have been discovered dead. It’s such a heartbreaking situation, but, as unfortunate as it is, it is a way to make you feel more grateful for all that you have.

So, that was Friday. Sunday night into Monday morning, it snowed. Like first real snow fall of the year. It’s all melted by the end of the day, but still. And, guess what? Ohio threw us yet another curve ball. On Wednesday, was gorgeous! 70° out–yeah, like as in shorts weather. So, in a six day span, we get tornadoes, snow, and spring. Yesterday it rained and the temps dropped all the back down into the 30s. It’s a little bit ridiculous.

Still got my fingers crossed that the spring weather will be here to stay for good soon.


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