Weeks 18 and 19

How far along? 19w5d

Total weight gain/lost: sitting pretty at 7lbs under where I should be

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? Bought me some cocoa butter. Now, if only I could remember to use it…

Best moment of the week: Finding out the baby’s sex

Missing anything? Winnie and the sunshine

Movement? Some here and there

Cravings: today, dirty pudding with gummy worms and also skittles

Anything making you queasy or sick? Greek yogurt

Have you started to show? Just a little. I still just look fat

Gender? Oh, we know =)

Labor signs? nope

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding ring on or off? On, when I remember

Mood: pretty happy – thanks to the return of warm sunshine

Looking forward to: getting the baby’s room cleaned out

When I started writing this in a word doc, I planned on making it a week 18 update. However, I find myself at 19w5d today meaning that a week 19 recap would be appropriate as well. I guess I’m even lazier than I thought.

Anyways, week 18 was a very exciting week for both good and bad reasons. For starters, the most important thing to happen was that we found out that we’re TEAM PINK! Yes, our little Ellabelle was a butthead as usual when it came to the sonogram. I hope she’s not going to be as camera shy once she’s here.

Not only can we stop saying “it” and say “she” or “her” instead, we also finally decided on lil Ellie’s middle name: Louise. I had gone back and forth between Gayle and Grace since before I was even pregnant. My mom also went back and forth on whether-or-not she actually wanted me to use the name Gayle (not that she remembers). On Friday, 3/2, after we found out she was indeed a “she,” Josh and I were talking about our grandparents since Ellabelle is named after her Great-Grandma Hawkins (She was Erma Ellabella). That’s when I realized that Louise might work. Both our paternal grandparents are deceased, and since Ellabelle is a variation of Great-Grandma Hawkins’ middle name, wouldn’t it just make sense to use Great-Grandma Schoenig’s middle name as well? So, surprisingly, we both agreed with no need for discussion.

As a side note, Louise was always going to be our 2nd girls middle name: Ava Louise. However, since we snagged it for Ellabelle instead, for now, and this is always subject to change, the future would-be daughter #2 will be Ava Gayle. So, Gayle’s not out of the picture yet.

Josh took a city test on Saturday, and he had an interview atKingsIslandon Sunday. We found out later in the week that he did, in fact, get the Kings Island job! YAH! He’s got two part time jobs now. That should help hold us over while he keeps looking for a full time position somewhere.

My job was one of the not so good parts of the week. I had a break down at work because of the way they’ve been handling my pregnancy. I’m one of only 2 females that are of actual birthing age here so they, and I quote my boss, “don’t know how to handle the situation.” I got told off because I have to go to doctor’s appointments monthly and have had lots of trouble including my late night ER visit and emergency sonogram at 12 weeks. I’ve tried to put it all behind me and move on from it. We’ll just have to see how the next 4 months pan out.

Josh’s van died on Monday in Dry Ridge,Kentucky. The transmission froze up, and so it’s bye bye, Winnie the Windstar. We’ve got to weigh our options and figure out a game plan from here. There’s not much else to say about it except that you should always listen to your wife. Just sayin.

This week, that’s numero 19, has been uneventful babywise. She squirms a little bit here and there but I’m still not feeling her all that much yet. My baby bump is still pretty small, and I’m not gaining weight like I should be. Ellabelle is fine though. She’s 3oz over the average for her age. She’s still set to arrive on July 28th.

Tomorrow, I hit the half way point. We’re going to celebrate by going to the Cincinnati Roller Girls home opener. Looking forward to, hopefully, two wins and some concession stand food! Today it’s a yucky wet mess in southwesternOhio, but at least there’s no storms predicted. I’m hoping to tackle the spare bedroom this weekend. I’d like to have the option of fixing it up sooner rather than later (funds permitting of course). Already picked out paint colors and the new flooring. Just got save up so we can get it all!


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