Leap Day

So, I have expressed my dislike of today as it means that I have to work 256 days this year instead of 255. Still, I was thinking about Leap Day, and why people can be so fascinated by it. It seems like this magical day that just shows up every four years. Science of the matter aside, that’s kinda cool. So, I was thinking, what if I didn’t have to work today? What if I could be anywhere and do anything? What would I pick to do on my extra day of the year?

The answer is simple: I’d go to my happy place.

Doesn’t really matter which body of water it is. I’m not picky. Just sand, sky, and water. And, of course, Josh =)

Now, realistically, we won’t be driving the 12+ hours to a coast today. Especially since I have to be back for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Flying doesn’t even make that seem plausible. So, I’ve made a short list of things that I can do today that I don’t necessarily do just every old day of the week:

– walk around barefoot outside in February (hey, it’s currently 66° and sunny, why not)

– play with the cats, and I mean with one of their toys and actually engaging them in playful frolicking

– take the dog for a walk and let her smell every single yard because at least it means I’m outside

– paint my toenails a fun color (or get Josh too since I’m having a hard time reaching my feet)

– get something special for dinner

I think my biggest problem is that this restricting 40 hour work week, week after week, is turning me into a cynic, or at least a bigger cynic. I think I’m starting to let life lose that magical glow that it always seemed to have when I had less responsibility. So, I’m going to try to embrace this Leap Day mumbo jumbo, and try and bring some pixie dust back into my life. It’ll take more than a day, but at least I’ve got an extra to try with it. What are you going to do with your extra day?


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