Leap Day

So, I have expressed my dislike of today as it means that I have to work 256 days this year instead of 255. Still, I was thinking about Leap Day, and why people can be so fascinated by it. It seems like this magical day that just shows up every four years. Science of the matter aside, that’s kinda cool. So, I was thinking, what if I didn’t have to work today? What if I could be anywhere and do anything? What would I pick to do on my extra day of the year?

The answer is simple: I’d go to my happy place.

Doesn’t really matter which body of water it is. I’m not picky. Just sand, sky, and water. And, of course, Josh =)

Now, realistically, we won’t be driving the 12+ hours to a coast today. Especially since I have to be back for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Flying doesn’t even make that seem plausible. So, I’ve made a short list of things that I can do today that I don’t necessarily do just every old day of the week:

– walk around barefoot outside in February (hey, it’s currently 66° and sunny, why not)

– play with the cats, and I mean with one of their toys and actually engaging them in playful frolicking

– take the dog for a walk and let her smell every single yard because at least it means I’m outside

– paint my toenails a fun color (or get Josh too since I’m having a hard time reaching my feet)

– get something special for dinner

I think my biggest problem is that this restricting 40 hour work week, week after week, is turning me into a cynic, or at least a bigger cynic. I think I’m starting to let life lose that magical glow that it always seemed to have when I had less responsibility. So, I’m going to try to embrace this Leap Day mumbo jumbo, and try and bring some pixie dust back into my life. It’ll take more than a day, but at least I’ve got an extra to try with it. What are you going to do with your extra day?

Week 17


How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/lost: haven’t weighed myself

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? Every where with more and more every day. I really need to invest in some cocoa butter.

Best moment of the week: Fish Fry and Spaghetti dinner

Missing anything? Subway

Movement? Maybe, not sure


Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing particular

Have you started to show? Not much

Gender? Still a ?

Labor signs? Braxton hicks, but that’s it and they only last about an hour

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding ring on or off? On, when I remember

Mood: much happier than previous weeks

Looking forward to: finding out the gender


Written 2/24 at 17w6d:

So, this morning started like any other morning: I rolled out of bed, leaving behind my beloved Boppy pillow, at about 6:20. I put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, dry shampooed my hair, and dressed. Let the hubby pick out my top which is always entertaining. He pulled out my pink thermal hoodie, and, so, I directed him to find the pink top that was a size large that hadn’t been packed away. See, he’s been on a cleaning kick and washed every single piece of our wardrobes, dirty or not. Then, he had me pack away all my medium tshirts and work tops because, lets face it, I’m only going to keep getting bigger. So, I figured he’d remember the one work shirt that got saved from the green tubs of doom. He couldn’t find it though.


I yelled, “It’s got gray stripes!” as I put my hair in a ponytail. “Ohhh,” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his sound of understanding. I was out the door by 6:35 and had 4 minutes to spare once I clocked in to work.


Something was different this morning though. As I sat in my office, I felt…weird. I realized what it was after a few moments contemplating. I felt happy and excited. That feeling has been so foreign to me, especially within the walls of work. This pregnancy has been tough on me and my body thus far. I guess I had forgotten how it felt to just feel happy.


Fast forward to today, 2/28. Normally, this is the last day of the month. However, it’s a leap year. Everyone always seems so excited about that extra day. It’s a free day to do whatever you want, to do something special. To me it’s just an extra day between me and my bacon bit. Plus, not to be a debbie-downer, it’s not a “free” day. It’s the accumulation of the quarter days that are part of our solar calendar. Plus, I have to work so it’s nothing special. Days I get to sleep in – those are special.


Lately, I’ve been worrying more and more about how life is about to change because, let’s face it, it’s about to change. Josh keeps promising me things are going to still be as happy and amazing as they are now. It’ll just take a little getting used to. This usually calms me down enough that I forget about it and worry about something else for a while. Cause that’s what I do. I worry. Hopefully, the bacon bit will get its daddy predisposition on life, very “c’est la vie.”


Had a good weekend – 1st Fish Fry of the year, Spaghetti Dinner – and then Monday happened. I had the mother of all migraines. Josh put blankets over the windows to keep the sun out. I slept all day. Wore sunglasses around the house cause we have more windows than blankets. Good news is that today, Tuesday, it’s still here. So, I plea: go away, headache!


Other than that, no baby news or any other news for the matter. Doctor’s appointment is on Thursday. We’ll get to schedule the gender reveal ultrasound then =)


16 weeks and 6 days

So, I’ve been wanting to keep track of each week of the little Bacon Bits development. That, obviously, didn’t happen. Here I am on week 17, and I’m just now starting this. In all fairness, I’ve barely felt getting up to use the bathroom let alone typing something out. Plus, as I see it, there hasn’t been a whole lot to report on.

I’ve been nauseous and sick and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck pretty much every day for the past 10-11 weeks.

I have no bump to show. Apparently, it’ll get here soon enough. I just feel like I look fat more than anything.

And, other than a one trip to the ER and one trip for an emergency sonogram, there’s been zero activity on the Bacon Bits end of this either.

I realize though, now that I’m feeling better, that even if there’s nothing to write about, I should be writing something. I’ll want to look back on this and Robbie/Ellabelle may want to too.

So, for now, I’ll just say today’s been a good day in terms of pregnancy, and there’s been no movement yet to account for.

The only good thing about the issues I’ve had is that I’ve had three different sonograms, and, so, at least I’ve heard the heart beat and seen the wee bacon one moving around.

Early pic:

12 weeks 6 days

12w6d – My Skeletor Baby


What I’m missing most: subway – still!

What I’m craving: salad, salad, and more salad! also lots of fruit

How I’m feeling: 8 (today anyways)

Old Posts from the other blog

So, I originally started a blog called “Baby Bacon Bit” to keep track of this pregnancy. Well, after negelecting said blog for 10 weeks, I decided I didnt like the name because it didnt leave room to expand. So, I started this new one.

I didnt want to lose the stuff I had written so here it is with the dates:


WEEK 6 – December 3-9, 2011

So, here I am at week 6, and I’m already getting impatient. Mostly, I guess, because there’s literally nothing to do at this point but wait. I have a doctor’s appointment next week which will give us more definitive information. For now, I’m pretty miserable. All I want to do I sleep because I’m so exhausted all the time and because it’s the only time I don’t feel nauseous. I get terrible headaches too. Luckily, there’s been no actual upchucking (::knock on wood::) and I just get to deal with the constant belching. Josh called and told Medy last night. It was allowed because Medy is the equivalent of Angie. Still not sure when to drop the bomb on my parents. I guess we’ll wait until it’s a sure thing before we get the lovely lecture on how irresponsible we are.

What I’m missing the most: subway

What I’m craving: watermelon and lemonade

How I’m feeling (1-10): 5 or 6

WEEK 5 – November 26 – December 2, 2011

This week has been absolutely miserable. It’s been worse than my UTI. I have literally slept for almost 75% of the week. I get up, go to work, and then come home and sleep. Josh makes me eat something, and then I go back to sleep until it’s time for work. Throw showering and taking the dog out and that’s my week. I have never felt more drained of energy in my entire life and this is just the beginning. Only 7 more weeks til the symptoms are suppose to be gone!

We planned on waiting until Christmas Eve to do a “test run” on telling our parents. We figured Karen and Neil would be the easiest to tell. However, excitement was not to be contained and we told them at 5 weeks instead of 9. Either way, their reactions were exactly as we expected. Karen was ecstatic and claimed she knew because my hair was different, and Neil just nodded and told us he wished we were on our feet better. He did proceed to tell us that “Babies are a blessing.” He was also was unhappy when he realized he was going to be Papaw instead of Grandpa. Apparently, he’s not a big fan of it, but Trent calls him Papaw and so will our bacon bit. We also told Bob because he asked Josh to be in his wedding in July which is two weeks before our EDD.

What I’m missing the most: coke

What I’m craving: pizza

How I’m feeling (1-10): 3 or 4

WEEK 4 – November 19-25, 2011

I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right with my body for a few days. I wanted to wait to take a pregnancy test even though I was already late. When I had gotten my UTI, my period was over a week late, so we had bought a 2 pack of tests. So, when I got up on the morning of the November 20th, it was on a whim that I used the test I had in my nightstand. Sure enough, a little line appeared in the window. I immediately called Josh who happened to be asleep at Joe’s house because the night before had been guys night. I told him what the crappy Walmart test said and told him to go back to sleep. He, of course, couldn’t. He eventually made it home, bringing me decent tests with the words instead of the line. I took two more and, sure enough, both positive.

I took the other remaining two (he bought a 4 pack for some reason) later on in the week because I read online that you can get false positives. Obviously, we decided to wait until after the first trimester to tell anyone, especially since we knew people were not going to be happy about this. However, I let the cat out of the bag to Angie on Thanksigiving. I feel tired already, but other than that, I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet.